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Uncanny Avengers №4
Remender, Cassaday

Uncanny Avengers №4

32 страниц. 2013 год.
The fight against Red Skull goes on. As the Scarlet Witch fights the mind-controlled Thor, Red Skull once again tries to tempt his old foe Captain America into joining his new anti-mutant crusade. With some help from Havok, Scarlet Witch removes Thor from the battle, allowing Havok and Rogue to aid Captain America against the Red Skull, overpowering him until Dancing Water saves him. With the people around them free, Havok tells them that the attacks on the mutants was not their fault, but Red Skull's. Back at the Avengers Mansion (the base for the newly coined Avengers Unity Squad), Captain America and Havok look at leads to find the S-Men and Havok expresses doubts over his own leadership. The Scarlet Witch attempts to start again with Rogue, who refuses, stating that she is joining the team to honor Xavier and keep an eye on Wanda. Thor tells Wolverine that he hasn't failed Professor X's dream, and he will fight for mutants until the end.



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