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The Marvels Project №1
Brubaker< Epting, Stewart

The Marvels Project №1

32 страниц. 2009 год.
It all begins in New York City in the year 1938 with Dr. Tom Halloway visiting one of his patients who he believes to be senile old man named Matt Hawk. Unknown to Halloway is that Matt Hawk was actually the Two-Gun Kid. Through Tom's visit Hawk tells him of all the heroes he meets in the future, and how they sent him back to New York where the Marvel heroes all began, when he got "too old" to fight crime anymore. He hopes he'll live long enough to see it. The next day Halloway returns to see Hawk again only to be told he passed away in his sleep. After looking at the body a nurse hands him a small wooden box and tells him that Hawk wanted to give him this but had a feeling he wouldn't be waking up again. Tom returns home and opens the box and inside are the Two-Gun Kid's mask and guns. Halloway realizes that the man was his childhood idol, and also inside the box he finds a note saying "From one hero to another."



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