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A-Z of Learning Disability

A-Z of Learning Disability

If you are looking for an incisive overview of current thinking and practice in the field of learning disabilities, then this is the book for you.Written by a highly experienced team of authors, this handy pocket-sized guide succinctly captures the fundamental ideas in policy and practice that currently dominate the field of learning disabilities.With a strong grounding in ethics and values, the book focuses on the experience of people with learning disabilities through examination of topics such as discrimination, communication and assistive technology, as well as promoting readers' understanding of key areas such as care planning, accommodation and application of the Human Rights Act 1998.With explicit 'Implications for Practice' points and extensive signposting to further reading, A-Z of Learning Disabilities is an essential resource not only for students and practitioners in learning disability nursing or social work, but also teachers, policymakers, families and anyone who lives with, or whose work brings them into contact with, people who have learning disabilities.



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