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Логопедия : Новые поступления в разделе Дефектология. Специальные школы.

IRBIS : 28.3.17 10:00
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Is That My Child?

Is That My Child?

At least one child in five experiences some form of learning difficulty, but: * Learning difficulties as we understand them DO NOT exist * They are not diseases just symptoms * These symptoms never appear alone * They are treatable and avoidable Dr Robin Pauc, an expert in child neurology, approaches learning difficulties, including Dyslexia, ADD, OCD, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Tourette's syndrome of childhood, from a truly ground-breaking perspective. All human babies are born prematurely and develop special new brain cells four months after birth. Every human's developement in the womb and particularly in these early stages of life can, therefore, be affected by devlepement delay, which can blight childhood and marginalize a child at school. Since our brains continue to grow, however, the symptoms can also be treated. Is That My Child? Explains the backround to human developmental delay and contains: * Advice on how to get the best assessment for your child and an explanation of what the examination must include * The effects - good and bad - of certain foods on the brain * Excercises and computer programs that you can use to expand your child's neural function * Case histories of children on whom this plan has worked In the single biggest breakthorough in the history of learning difficulties, Is That My Child? explains the cause of Development Delay Syndromes, uses simple, easy-to-follow tips to show you how to greatly reduce the risk of your child suffering, and gives advice on what can be done to treat those children that do.



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